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クラウドスカイ ○

My name is
Cloud Sky ○

that gets all my art first, & some bonus NSFW content.

if you want to stay connected.


Yeah, it's me.
That kid?

You remember that kid who everyone talked all that shit about. The one they used to pick on, laugh at, ridicule for being who he was?

Yeah, that's me.

What was it that they called me? Schizophrenic. Mentally Ill. Stick man. Anorexic. Fucking Loser. Bitch. Fag. No life. Virgin.

Yeah, that's me.

Remember that kid who used to want to fit in with everyone. Because he had no place. He had no friends. That kid who no one loved, no one accepted.

Yeah, that's me.


That kid who wanted to kill himself because he just couldn't find a reason to live?

That kid who was rejected by the entire world?

The one who they kept telling, "Why can't you be Normal?"

"Normal." Whatever that's supposed to mean.


Yeah, that's me.

Do you remember that day?

When I first saw that kid. The one who was just like me? What was his name? Naruto.

Yeah. Naruto Uzumaki.

That boy who everyone called a monster. That boy who everyone hated so bad.

Who wanted to be loved, so bad.

Yeah, I remember him.

It was him.

He gave me hope. Enough hope to want to cling to my own life.

I was tired of feeling so worthless.

Tired of being what this world constantly labeled me as.

It was time for me to be reborn.

They always labeled me as something. Some word. Some name.

The entire world does.

Even now, they all do.

That's when I knew I had to give myself my own name.. .

Because to the world? I'll always be something. Some word. Some name. Some label.

Even my birth name. The name my parents gave me, it's another name not chosen by me. Another Label.

But what about me? What do I want to call myself?

Isn't that the most important thing?

What you call yourself? How you see yourself?

Yeah, I think so.

so I decided to give myself my own name.

I went through multiple names before I finally found one that really fit me.

But, eventually

I decided to be called Cloud Sky.

Clouds are unlike anything I've ever known.

You cannot control a Cloud.

You can't capture them.

Like a Ghost.

You touch them, & they vanish.

They're always moving, progressing, changing, evolving into something new.

They're Always Above, Never Below.

They’re a lot like myself.

& then, I decided I'd be called a Dreamer Of Existence too.

It means, “One who walks the very thin line between the dreamworld, & reality.”

Yeah, much better than calling myself "Schizophrenic"

or "Mentally Ill" or whatever else this world sees me as.

“Be always real.

Be who you are.

Don’t be afraid.

That makes you so real”

a quote that was said to me by a good friend of mine.. .

I guess, that's what I'm trying to do right now.


Be myself.

Myself.. ..

Who am I. ..?

Who am I now?

Right, ha.

I'm just a Cloud.




Feb 23, 2017
5:36 am
Feb 23, 2017
5:03 am
Feb 23, 2017
4:41 am
Feb 23, 2017
4:41 am
Feb 23, 2017
4:12 am


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